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Embark on a dangerous journey through winding caverns and treacherous ruins, collecting treasure and battling monsters! Time To Die: Adventures is a top-down dungeon-crawler, inspired by classic arcade games and a love of adventure.

-Forty-Five Story Maps To Explore
-Over Two Dozen DLC Maps
-Generative DLC Campaigns
-Twenty Monsters To Fight
-Over Twenty Items To Find
-Five Pets To Aid Your Hero
-Item / Monster Collections
-Online High Score List
-Twenty Unlockable Trophies
-Cross-Platform Items / Familiars
-Includes Prequel TTD: Dungeons

-Touch, Mouse:
--Movement: Click where you would like your character to go
--Combat: Click toward an enemy to attack, Click a "safe" direction to flee
--Movement: Left Stick, Left D-Pad
--Combat: Y, X, B, A Buttons act as combat grid
--Movement: Hold W, A, S, D or Up, Left, Down, and Right Arrows
--Combat: Tap W, A, S, D or Up, Left, Down, and Right Arrows as combat grid

Time To Die: Adventures is the second in a planned series of games by Orlando-based developers (and sole-proprietors) Bad Pilcrow and ThatWhichIs Media, meant to deploy in tandem with the continuing development of a proprietary JavaScript SDK. Many hours of work have gone into this game; please consider supporting us in our continuing endeavors.

1. Q. What should I do if the game stops responding to input but seems to be running and otherwise responsive? A. Try clicking inside the game screen; this should bring focus back to the iframe containing the game.
2. Q. What browser would you recommend for play? A. This game has primarily been tested in Chrome on a laptop or desktop Windows or Mac personal computer. A native Windows Store version for Windows 8.1/10 is available, as is a deployment for iOS.
3. Q. Sometimes when I'm on mobile Safari in private browsing mode the game doesn't work. Why that do? A. We are working to resolve this issue for future releases but for the moment the game requires access to localStorage for save games and can fail if denied access by private browsing. The issue does not seem to impact Chrome.

New In Version 1.9.5:
-Fixed Bug In Bonus Level Ordering

New In Version 1.9.4:
-Reworked Tutorial System and Story Integration
-Map Alterations in Acts 1 and 3 for Better Flow
-Updated Sprite Renderer
-Fixed Bug Preventing Acquisition of Healing Charm

New In Version 1.9.3:
-Added UI Hints (Wells, Torches, etc.)
-Map Alterations in Act 2 for Better Flow
-Reenabled Account Creation