Five years ago I helped found the Indie Galactic Space Jam. 

My wife pitched a game, but spent her entire weekend helping run the jam, and the game was never made.  She wanted a fighting game in which constellations battle each other. 

This year, the fifth annual Indie Galactic Space Jam opened on her birthday. 

This is a smol prototype of the game she pitched five years ago, with only a busted version of Orion playable. It's a surprise solo project made in Construct 2 using a game template and is not a competition entry. 

xBox controllers required/strongly suggested? May need to be plugged in before launching Chrome. 


Menu: Left Stick - cycle through modes, A Button - select mode

Game: Left Stick - move/jump/duck, Y Button - punch, B Button - kick 


Menu: W, S - cycle through modes, Enter - select mode

Game: W, A, S, D - move/jump/duck, Y - punch, U - kick

Happy birthday b!